Nyzo techScriptsCycle transaction signing script

Cycle transaction signing script

The CycleTransactionSignScript is used to quickly sign a cycle transaction for multiple verifiers.

This script relies on a standard sentinel installation. If you do not have a sentinel installation already available, configure one by following these instructions.

The script requires the initiator signature of a cycle transaction. The easiest way to obtain this signature is from the cycle transactions page on the nyzo.co site.

CTSS image 0

To run the script, open a command line and navigate to the nyzoVerifier directory. Run the following command, replacing the signature in the command below with the signature of the transaction you want to sign.

sudo java -jar build/libs/nyzoVerifier-1.0.jar co.nyzo.verifier.scripts.CycleTransactionSignScript sig_g3gMk7KyJM_Kf~5oV~oS1TfULhjEg9JIdXqFfdxsWA-1AyZP3EXDgs39V3eKxSwxLN3ecgUPiPaea5Gd_QGGrgvjtBth

The script will gather some information from the managed verifiers: the frozen edge, the transaction, and a list of in-cycle nodes. Then, it will sign the transaction for every managed verifier in the list and send every signature to every in-cycle node.

Keep in mind that this script sends a total number of messages that is the multiple of the number of in-cycle nodes and the number of managed verifiers. So, running this script with 10 managed verifiers while the cycle has 1600 nodes will require 16,000 messages, which may take several minutes to send.